Seattle By Night

First Run (Food Fight)

Date: 7/10/2011
In-Game Date: 4/30/2072

Players started Food Fight quick-start.

  • Only 2 characters know each other
  • Explosion occurred, followed by combat
  • Enemy team had epic fail
  • Characters in middle of questioning the girl and each other
  • Each player received 3 karma

Date: 8/15/25011
In Game Date: 4/30/2072-5/9/2072
Glitch, Bazinga, Red, Jack, and Murphy present.

Players finished Food Fight and started On The Run.

  • Glitch and Co. took Bradeen, her son, and a mook from the Stuffer Shack.
  • Tracked Mel, blackmailed him for 30k NY, had the mook play courier, then blew him up in his car.
  • Contacted by Smiley, met and sent to Mr. Johnson for a new job, 2k NY apiece.
  • Introduced Murphy, dwarf face.
  • Got intel on Nabo concert, 3 tickets with backstage pass, learned about Jager, scored Novacoke, and Glitch, Bazinga, and Murphy are in the venue early.
  • In process of getting backstage.
  • Each player received 5 karma, Bazinga received 6.
New beginning
If they screw up, they're getting dropped in Chicago!


Troll Mage to be named
Troll Mage

Prox Troll to be named
Troll combatant

Human Rigger/Hacker

Human Adept

Human Adept

Orc Technomancer

Smuggler to be named
Elf smuggler to be named

Dwarf Face


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